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Sunday, November 15, 2009 {5:58 PM}



Thursday, October 22, 2009 {2:09 AM}
its kinda funny how im not listening anyway

just posted this from my tumblr. GO THERE. what are you even doing here?!? hahha :p

one more day of exams! tomorrow’s eng lit. which I suppose is easy in general, but i didnt even ace it the last time, so im not so sure…i’ll probably just read all of them again :p anyways, so i was looking through all my old cd’s, and i found this cd by a band i used to LOVE, called the used! it’s not really a new cd, I got it in form 1..but i still love it..and used to be obsessed with the blonde guy who played the guitar..eeeeh..and BERT. omg. BERT!!! i had such a weird appreaciation for him..and his hair..omg the hair…so full OF SECRETS..and dirt :D so nostalgic-y..

and rachel keeps telling me about this guy called asher roth…who apparently is another white/eminem-y rapper guy. but younger. and she says he’s sexy.


Friday, October 9, 2009 {10:05 PM}

click for my tumblr!

gosh..tumblr is really addictive! i'll still update here though :)

{9:24 PM}

i dream of a day when someone will make this for meee...

{5:22 PM}
lady gaga is influencing the fashion world.

the last thing anyone would have thought was that lady gaga's unusual style would be influencing the fashion world. Lady Gaga has put her style sense and music stamp all over the charts. Her fashion is influencing the biggies of the fashion world incuding Prada, Givenchy, Derek Lam ad even the always sophisticated Chanel.

1.Metallic Leg Bearing Suit
Gaultier Paris leg-bearing bodysuit is certainly a creation from the Gaga effect

2. The Pantless Mania
Everyone knows about Lady Gaga's aversion to pants, and its no surprise that the singer is responsible for the increase in the sales of underwear. Even a couple of designers are following the trend!

Models at Prada and Alexander Wang follow suit...

Alexander Wang 2010 Spring

Prada 2010 Spring

{1:13 AM}
shaking my confidence driving my crazy

hiii. i should be studying right now i suppose, but instead i was sitting in my room eating biscuits and watching beauty and the beast... i wonder what will happen next week when im sitting in the exam hall trying to remember the lyrics to 'be my guest' when i dont even remember the facts about the tamadun mesir that mr james said i should study. or when i forget how to find the standard deviation and variance. because add maths is on tuesday! eep! right now im not really doing anything except reading articles on lovelyish and looking around sephora and trolling on facebook :(

ill blog later. too blah now.

Saturday, October 3, 2009 {9:00 PM}
the dice was loaded from the start

"its so funny how i would make you sit on the floor on your carpet (and i would wonder WHY in the hell anyone would need a carpet here, expecially one thats all fluffy like yours) and make you listen to all the songs that im obsessed with, and how id make you listen to the smiths and you said you didnt understand them, and i made you listen to the velvet underground and how you said they were okay but you didnt understand why i liked them, and when youd let me listen to your metal genre music like protest the hero and pantera and i'd be like they're too noisy...and how you bandaged up my thumb even though i told you it was going to be okay, and you were right, it still hurts now, and i'm not even sure how im going to deal with you when you come back, and im even more confused at how im going to deal with you leaving for good. and your mom isnt going to make those weird pineapple things (not pineapple tarts, mind you) that she got off martha stewart even though she had no idea what they were called. and when we'd invite her over in your pool and just sit in the sun at 2 when its the hottest and just talk about...things. and in the mid afternoon warmth drinking those ice drinks with our sunglasses on, and forgetting for just a little while that you would be gone soon."

Friday, October 2, 2009 {3:32 AM}
sing me to sleep

let's have a garage sale a'la cobrasnake! although i dont have any kewl stuff like that :( just old stuff.

and btw...what do you think of corset piercings?

Seriously!? F-ing OW! That looks so painful! And wouldn't the lace get snagged on something? I can't imagine thinking this was a good idea. And then there's those piercings that people get between their boobs :/ WOULD YOU? I probably would...they scare me :S So I've seen people piercing their eyebrows, nose, the back of their neck, their hips, the Marilyn Monroe stud, and even making a corset piercing on their backs. But, not until today have I ever seen a in-between the boob piercing. It's just weird...

But would you do it ? :x

Saturday, September 26, 2009 {4:01 PM}
a crazy night involving taxi's

soo. yesterday was somewhat unbelievable, but totally worth the scary/exciting experience! first off, aisah & i went to pretee's house, cause in case you didnt know, there was a fire recently in her neighbours house (which is RIGHT NEXT DOOR! like, only a wall away from her house. and the entire neighbours house got burnt and the garage below and the entire ceiling of the stairwell, but pretee's house was completely normal! except for a crack in the wall, but its nothing like her next door. it was on the cover of the borneo post yesterday, like half the article is about pretee and her mum. while we were there, we just hung about, laughing about stuff and pretee retelling us her experience. then we went to merdeka supermarket, to buy skittles! and i bought mnm's...then we went back to pretee's house and played this kick ass skittle game. i will describe the game in all its awesomeness later when i have picturz :D then we had lunch on pretee's carpet...yeah. you heard that right. so afterwards, we felt like going to 1borneo, which was what aisah & i wanted to do before but didnt cause pretee invited us to her house to hang out, so pretee suddenly felt like going to 1borneo too. this is where the excitingness starts! we took a BUS to warisan from merdeka supermarket! it wasnt like a fancy bus either. first timers, you should try it. you need adleast one bus experience! teeheeee. so when we got to warisan, we were planning to take a shuttle bus but then the tard in the office said it was only for tourists :( so we took a cab instead. mehhh. when we got to oneborneo, did the usual stuff! SHOP! actually, i didnt really buy anything. i know right! but aisah bought this kewl bracelet from Island. then ladidadida. oh, & the french accents in the mac shop!!! and pretee was spanish :p aisah was like 'dont speak with a accent! stop! stop!' teheee :D we ate mcdonalds. mcdonalds for the SECOND time this week! and it wasnt even the $5 one hahahah. i remember laughing at alot of things yesterday, but i cant remember one in detail :( you just know that when you hang out with people like pretee and aisah, you ALWAYS end up laughing alot, about random stuff. thats why i love em. then we were planning to be tourists toget the shuttle bck to warisan, but at 1borneo you had to sign a register book and we didnt want to and aisah was feeling nervous about it anyway, so we didnt. got a cab back! pretee bargaining with taxi driver's :D threeoh bucks to citymall, where my mum picked me & shah up and sent aisah home. all in all, i think i will remember this night, and i will recall it at the end of the year. and since i have absolutely no pictures at all of the journey to and from 1b, it kinda feels like it didnt happen. but i know it did, and thats why im writing it here before i forget. what an adventure...

Friday, September 25, 2009 {12:17 AM}
the week so far

helloooo. i know i've been neglecting you, poor blog. the week has been okay so far. on tuesday i went out with pretee and bryan to 1b (aisah was supposed to come too, but she was sick. get better!) ! it was so much fun..good gosh :D ate mcdonalds, snuck pretee's burger & my coke into the cinema to watch GForce, went around looking at clothes (yes, bryan got annoyed, teehee!) , giving bryan fashion advice (must remember to get him those polo shirts), then we got thristy and went to drink stuff at this place but ended up thirsty again cause we drank these chocolate things :D then...went for dinner. then we sang in the car! well, pretee and me did anyway. theres actually a video on my cam...hahaha. then we dropped bryan off to tuition (we saw a rat!! a rat!!! running across his tuiton place!! so scary) then i went home...

i had a really bad hair day the next day though for skewl. i did my oral but i have to redo it cause apparently you cant read. well, its not my fault, why didnt the teacher just stop me?! damn. then yesterday i hung around with melanie and chin on ee and we started thinking about...you know those street style programmes with peaches geldof for nylontv? like what if you're walking around the mall in your uniform and they come and ask you and it would be something like:
PEACHES : you look fabulous! tell me about your outfit! what are you wearing?
YOU: well, my shirt and skirt combo courtesy of maktab national, shoes are bata, socks from sox world...
PEACHES : sox world! of course, WHERE ELSE?
YOU: my rubber band is from gaya street, they come in a pack of three for the price of two...
CAN YOU IMAGINE? good god. which is why you should dress good wherever you go...and even if you dont, if you like it you should be able to pull it off :D
and anywaaaay. sabrina and i havent conducted mission descente de la fleur yet. im sure you're reading now, and you better watch out. the mission will prevail!

hmmm. im not sure whats happening this weekend, might go out with aisah <3

Sunday, September 20, 2009 {4:02 AM}
he stole all hearts away

oh haii!

so i just got back from brunei a couple of hours ago. it was okai, but considering that the currency is the samee as singapore i was expecting more. there was one mall, and another called centrepoint that was made up mostly of a supermarket. i didnt really buy anything :/ no brands there that are too interesting, even the charles and keith shop was depressing. but my hotel had a really neato pool *o* ++ alot of driving on long roads and we were trying to find my parent's friends restuarant but couldnt cause we got lost. had sri lanka crabs on the last day tho, :D also ate lots of mini melts cause theyre awesomeeee. i got pix but theyre mostly of me and the sea and my brthr so if i can be bothered ill post them up tomorrow. cause im tireeeeeeeeed.

p.s. why cant i sign into msn? it says that i need to do a new thingo...

p.p.s i think i might get a tumblr.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009 {4:15 AM}
samson and delilah

soo, in case you didnt know, i've been obsessed with the song 'samson' by regina spektor. so naturally, after listening to it on repeat for a couple of days, i started to wonder what it was about. apparently, apart from being a personal story from regina, its about the biblical couple, samson and delilah. now, i dont usually read things that have to do with religion, but once in a while interesting stuff like this pops up. there's a full version of it online, but im just going to put the significant parts up.

The Bible records that Samson broke all of his
Nazarite vows.
He drank wine, he ate grapes, he touched a dead body and he
did not dedicate
himself totally to the Lord God. When he touched a dead
body he found honey in
the dead body of a lion. He scooped out the honey and
ate some of it then took
the rest of the honey to his parents without
telling them where he had gotten

Samson's great weakness was
beautiful women. Samson fell in love
with a beautiful Philistine woman named
Delilah. Night after night he visited
her residence to spend hours with her.
He thought that he was hopelessly in love
with her because of her great
beauty and charm.

Delilah had been
promised a great sum of money
from the Philistines if she could discover the
secret of his increduible
strength. Every day Delilah teased and begged Samson
to tell her the secret
of his tremendous strength. To get her to stop begging
him on several
different occasions he told her false things that would destroy
his strength
He told her, "If you tie me with seven bowstrings I will lose my

While Samson was sleeping she tied him with seven bowstrings and
shouted, "Samson! Wake up! The Philistines are upon you!"

shook himself free of the bowstrings and fought the Philistines. He
them with his great strength.

Delilah cried and begged
again, "Samson,
you do not love me. If you loved me you would tell me the
secret of your

Again Samson told her another lie, "If you
bind me with seven
brand new ropes I shall lose my strength."

Delilah bound him with seven
new ropes and shouted, "Samson, wake
up! The Philistines are upon you."

Samson awoke and shook himself. The
ropes fell off and he fought off the
Philistines. He beat them all.

This time Delilah cried for days, saying,
"You don't love me. You
won't tell me your secret."

Samson then told her
that if she wove
the seven locks of his hair with a loom he would lose his
strength. This
time, in mentioning his hair, Samson was getting too close to
telling the
secret that God did not want him to tell.

Delilah wove his
locks of hair with a loom. She shook him and shouted again, "Samson awake!
The Philistines are upon you!"

As we can guess, Samson shook off the
loom and fought against the Philistines, beating them again.

of these times that Delilah had committed wrongs against him we should
that Samson would guess that Delilah was not his true friend.
Samson kept coming to her home. Delilah was exasperated with
Samson. He had lied
and lied to her. She wanted that money that the
Philistines had promised her.
She cried and cried, begged and pleaded for
him to tell her his secret. Finally
Samson caved in just to have peace. "If
you cut off all of my hair I shall be as
weak as any other man."

When Samson slept with his head in Delilah's lap
she beckoned the
men to shave off his hair. Once again she shook him and
shouted, Samson!
Wake up! The Philistines are upon you.!"

Samson shook
himself to
fight the Philistines, but his hair was gone. His strength was gone.
Philistine soldiers jumped upon Samson and beat him badly. Samson was
overcome. Delilah, in the name of love, had betrayed him completely.

Philistines took him prisoner, burned out his eyes with a hot
poker and chained
him to the huge stone wheel pulled along a trough to grind
grain into flour,
around and around, all day long, every day. Samson was
destined to spend the
rest of his days doing the job that an ox would do,
grinding at the mill. He
frequently was put on display for the Philistine
people to mock him and to heap
scorn upon him as their former mighty enemy
whom the Philistines had reduced to
a life worse than death.

One day
Samson felt the breeze blowing through
his hair which had begun to grow
again, and he realized that his incredible
strength was returning. He heard
that there was to be a great festival in the
Temple of Dagon, the
Philistines’ false god. Three thousand people, including
the Philistines’
most powerful political, military and religious leaders would
be present in
the temple, worshipping their false god.

Samson prayed
“Oh, God please forgive me for my sins and please use me for your
glory one
more time.”

That's the story. you get the drift right? so i was thinking how the song wasnt really about delilah. in the song, there are the lines

"The history books forgot about us, and the bible didnt mention us"

I think its about a woman that loved samson before delilah, and maybe she didnt betray him, which was why she didnt earn her place in the history books, and the bible (because it was meant to have morals)

"Your hair was long when we first met"

Which means that before Delilah (or the other girl) cut his hair, it was long, obviously because he wasnt supposed to cut it.

"I cut his hair myself one night, a pair of dull scissors in the yellow light, and he told me that I'd done alright, and kissed me till the morning light"

I'm actually not sure. I guess it means that Samson trusted her enough to cut his hair, and maybe it was alright to cut his hair because he knew that she wouldnt betray him?

"I loved you first"

Probably meaning that she loved Samson before Delilah, and for some godforsaken reason he left her for Delilah?

Sooo. This is an attempt for me to dissect my current favourite song. I love finding out stuff like this. I mean, even if you dont read the Bible (which I dont), sometimes theres stuff like this inside. Like scandulous stuff! But I really dont know whether or not Delilah loved Samson, or whether this is even about Samson & Delilah. It could be about anyone...But I'd say that it has to do with a woman before Delilah, if there was one...

Monday, September 14, 2009 {10:02 PM}
why are some people so weird?

chris crocker says leave kanye west alone...what a tard.

{4:11 PM}
adults who still dress goth

What do you think of people who still dress gothic at 20, 40, 70 ? Are "adult" goths...Lost teenagers ? Mad people ? Normal ? Eccentric ? Cool ?

{4:06 PM}

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first
Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth
I have to go, I have to go
Your hair was long when we first met

Samson went back to bed
Not much hair left on his head
He ate a slice of wonder bread and went right back to bed
And history books forgot about us and the bible didnt mention us
The bible didnt mention us, not even once

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first , I loved you first
Beneath the stars came falling on our heads
But they're just old light
They're just old light
Your hair was long when we first met

Samson came to my bed
Told me that my hair was red
Told me I was beautiful and came into my bed
I cut his hair myself one night
A pair of dull scissors and the yellow light
He told me that I'd done alright
and kissed me till the morning light the morning light
and he kissed me till the morning light

Samson went back to bed
Not much hair left on his head
Ate a slice of wonder bread
and went right back to bed
We couldn't break the columns down
No, we couldn't destroy a single one
and the history books forgot about us
and the bible didnt mention us
not even once

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first

Saturday, September 12, 2009 {12:31 AM}
heart-shaped bruises

walk. dont walk. moonwalk! valen was supposed to come today, but i guess she's not. i watched Definately Maybe with M just now. it was okay, i would have preferred to watch He's Just Not That Into You, but apparently it couldnt be found! so im just going to talk about random stuff now...dont read if you dont like me changing the subject alot :D

1. what do you think of wearing dark red lipstick for daytime makeup? i think it looks pretty nice...on taylor momsen. i dont know if anyone else could pull it off...i mean. its dark red in the harsh sunlight. but if you do..tell me!

2. doesnt mischa barton scare you sometimes? i find her kind of confusing. how does she manage to lose/gain pounds so quickly? plus, i found out that her real weight is 71kg(over)...as opposed to looking like a creepy zombie at 56kg(under). cant she just be normal? i mean, not that many people can be the spokesperson for a healthy weight...

3. RB from hannabeth, latest trends of the season...in or not? what do you think?
overaccesorizing with bracelets

lots of lace...lace tops

fur or faux fur jackets

ripped stockings

wedge booties

my opi: i actually like overaccesorizing with bracelets, even though i dont do it that often. im not too sure about the lace. i think faux fur jackets are fine, even though real fur jackets are a big no-no plus cost way more. ripped stockings...maybe. as for the wedge booties, im in love with them!

4. tom felton!!!

5. rate each style out of 10! (umm. general style, not just the picture)
pixie geldof: 7

peaches geldof: 8

alexa chung:9

daisy lowe: 6

agyness deyn:10

taylor momsen: 9

willa holland: 7

emma roberts: 8

thats all i could think of. i was going to do miley cyrus selena gomez blah blah blah but theyve been done to death.

6. random things that are Chanel

7. LUKE WORRELL. in case you didnt know, he's engaged to kelly osbourne...le sigh.. :D he's like the male version of agyness deyn...

soooooooooooooooooo. you can breathe now :D i tag everyone who reads this! REBLOG your favourite 7 things! (or more...its just me and my miniscule brain that couldnt think of anything else!)


Friday, September 11, 2009 {4:06 AM}
fell in love without you

hello! the week was alright. i got my phy back, and got my report card today. it was alright. not as bad as i thought! i really do worry too much sometimes. and my sabby didnt come today so i had no one to blab about to take my mind off things. and we had the crp teachers which make you sit in your seats and not mingle, so i had to just sit there and wallow in my self pity! but it all turned out alright in the end. it always does! i need to relax. plans for the weekend...invite me out to dinner? :D or anywhere!

lately ive been having to deal with this tard. when someone is obviously trying to just make you feel better, does it seem right to throw it right back in their face? im sure you didnt mean it, but hey, im pretty narrow so i dont really dig that deep to know what your feeling. i cant read your mind. and i dont care anymore! im done with all your prima donna-ness, and all your overreacting, cant you just freaking grow up?

on a different note, i might be going to brunei next week! apparently, its nothing like melaka, so fingers crossed! and we're staying at this really gorgeous hotel that i just checked out. so has anyone been to brunei? what's the attractions over there?

my current song addiction. i swear i can hear it in my head when im at school!

and in case you were wondering
you are like a sunset to me
you're all kind of beautiful as you end my day
and you sweetly retire as the stars chase you away
- sunsets & car crashes - the spill canvas
random: i want tights, with different patterns, in different colours. if you were feeling generous :D a ' la :

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 {12:20 AM}
and in case you were wondering, you're like a sunset to me

i feel so...blah. in the middle of the night i got this weird piercing pain in my stomache, then it went away, then it came back. i dont know what the hell it is. my brother had a stomache thing last week too, so i ate his medicine. kiddies medicine, ahhh. i didnt even do any homework yet, and i canceled my tuition. i just want to lock myself in my room. i didnt even go to school today, cause it hurt too bad. i hate being sick! makes me feel useless. then i played the wii with my brother for a while, but then my stomache started hurting again, so i just sat there. i'm eating a moon cake now! i would go jogging, but im scared my stomache might start hurting on the way :( hah who am i kidding, i dont JOG!


Sunday, September 6, 2009 {4:04 AM}
sleepover with tee & sha!

last night, pretee and aisah came to sleepover! cheryl was supposed to come too, but she didnt make it :( we watched 17 again :D adleast..aisah & i did, pretee fell asleep. and we took alot of videos! random videos..of us talking about stuff. hahah :D then we ate chocolate..and pretee kept raiding my biscuit tin. then we went to sleep after..a while! then pretee..woke up in the middle of the night and started watching bring it on..and while doing that she switched on the light so aisah & I were forced to wake up =.="". the details of the night are still a bit fuzzy to me..alot of sleeping, waking up, half-sleeping, laughing, telling pretee stories about sleeping in front of mirrors, absolut :D! , and...pretee playing some random mexican salsa song by robin thicke!!!:D

anyways, heres some pictures...

..yeah. you get the drift! use your imagination. if you cant, the rest of the pics are on facebook. and courtesy of AISAH, here is something to get you through the long week ahead...

you want him? you cant have him!

xoxoxoxoxoxox funn night!

Friday, September 4, 2009 {6:44 PM}

aisah & pretee & cheryl are coming over today for a sleepover! yay! aisah's probably gonna bring coraline :D

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